Director’S Message


As one believe that success requires a committed team, And we at PPS have a committed team of educators to groom a child for better & healthier future.

The Educators team here looks forward to give personal care to each & every child by means of personality development & analyzing the child by talking their parents personally.

We firmly believe that PPS guna will pamper through the confident leadership & efficient team of academic & administrative staff.

Parents Educator meet

We here at PPS are very much concerned about the care of child which is only done by the support of parents. We at PPS will arrange PEM at a very short interval so that our educator can communicate with the parents to share about child.

A good relation between parents & educator is vital for healthy development of child. Therefore PPs believe that it is extremely important to be open minded in parent’s educator meet. By this parents can clear queries about their child.

“PPS always believe in truth. Not to give any fake commitments to groom the child “

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